Q. What is Virgin Hair? 

As it name states, is the highest quality human hair on the market that hasn't been chemically stripped, altered or processed in anyway. The hair is in its natural state with its cuticles aligned and intact. You can bleach, dye and process Virgin hair just as you would your own.

Q. What is Remy Hair vs Non-Remy?

Remy is high quality virgin hair with all cuticles aligned and intact. Remy hair differs from Virgin hair mainly in that it HAS been chemically processed for color or texture however the cuticle still remains intact so the hair will not tangle. Non-Remy human hair is a happy medium between high quality Virgin Remy hair and lower quality hair such as synthetic or Yaki. This type of hair generally undergoes a chemical treatment in order to produce a specific color or texture in the hair which typically destroys the cuticle and drastically shortens the life of the hair extension. 

Q. What is machine weft?

Bulk hair that is fed through a single, double or triple head sewing machine that is stitched at the top then folded and re-stitched  to secure and create the weft or track.

Q. Has the hair been washed and cleaned?

Yes, every raw bundle of hair has gone through a quality assurance process to remove any nits by fingers and specially designed combs then tripled washed with Shikakai shampoo and conditioned for nutrients. The hair is then sun-dried and re-inspected prior to packaging and shipment. Hair that doesn't pass quality assurance measures is not used and discarded.

Q. How long will the hair last?

Our hair will last a year or more when properly maintained.

Q. How many bundles will I need?

We recommend lengths up to 18 inches 2- 3 bundles, 20 inches or more 3-5 bundles depending upon style.

Q. Can the hair be dyed?


Q. How long will it take to receive my order?

Processing time is generally 1-2 days from when the order is placed then shipped priority via USPS. In stock items are typically received within 2-3 days. Out of stock within 5-7 days.

Q. How do I pay?

Payments can be made by placing your order then clicking on "check out" via PayPal or by using a credit/debit card.

Q. Are returns accepted?

Unfortunately, no. All sales are final.